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The best investment
you can make
is an investment in yourself...
 The more you learn

The more you earn

- Warren Buffett


Stock Exchange Basics

You may have heard of the term stock exchange or seen the images in movies of people on the trade floor shouting buy low sell high, but have you ever wondered what it is they actually do and how it all works?

This explainer video is a short introduction to how the stock exchange works and how it impacts every day life.

Source: Kurzgesagt

What is Trading?

Trading itself is about buying and selling with a purpose to make a profit. With financial trading things are slightly different to traditional commerce in the sense you need to understand what markets and financial instruments you want to be traded.

Source: Investopedia

Why should I invest?

It's a fair question to ask why should you invest, especially if you have savings or a pension.

Learn why it is so important to invest as well as the types of investments out there such as stocks, bonds and dividends.

Source: MoneyCoach

Stock Market Basics

To buy and sell stocks, you must use a licenses broker which makes trades on your behalf.

Get to grips with what happens and learn the foundation of your investment knowledge.

Source: nerdwallet

Trading vs Investing

What factors impact your trading style like your account size; amount of available time to trade; risk tolerance, etc.

Introduce yourself to the different trader styles such as position, swing, day or scalp. 

Source: Investopedia 

Trading vs Gambling

Is it the same thing? Risk and Reward, bet on a uncertain outcome and taking a risky action.

Source: WallStreet.com

The Active vs Passive Investing Debate

The debate between 'fire and forget' (passive) vs 'active' investing. An interesting point of view.

Source: The Plain Bagel

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