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An investment in knowledge
always pays the best interest.

- Benjamin Franklin

Learn About Trading

At Tradecandles, we're passionate about helping people reach their financial potential.

In the UK, it is fair to say most schools focus more on the traditional academics like english, science and maths but are lacking when it comes to financial education. It is therefore easy to understand why most people see trading or investing as a grey area with the perception of it being for the rich or highly educated.

We're here to break down these walls and provide you content to start you on your trading/investing journey and it's for free!

New to Trading?

Great! If you're a complete beginner, no problem, we've got you covered!
These are our 3 core topics to get you started.

What is Trading?

A great introduction to trading, learn the differences between trading, investing and gambling.

Trading 101

Understanding more about what is involved, financial instruments and what you'd expect to see

Trading Approaches

Learn about the different trading styles such as fundamental, technical, price action and algorithmic trading

Basics Sorted! Keep Learning

The following topics are a little more advanced but don't worry we've broken this down for you. 

If you want to get in touch or have a suggestions on what else you'd like to see (or spotted a mistake), please email us at hello@tradecandles.com

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