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Financial literacy is an important part of avoiding financial mistakes and planning for a strong, secure financial future.

- Tim Pawlenty, Financial Services Round Table President & CEO

Recommended Reads

You don't have to buy any of the following books. We have provided a variety of topics and content for you to digest on our previous pages however if you were interested in further reading we can recommend the following books.

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Books for Beginners

Great books to compliment your trading journey.

Beginnner Level

Trend Trading

Trend Trading allows you to look at the market as a whole as oppose to analyzing the performance of a company. The idea is you spot a 'trend', jump on it and let it ride until it's time to move. It works with strategies that are short-term, intermediate or long-term. Trading in the direction of the market can help improve your accuracy and profitability.

'Trend Trading for Dummies' provides a way of identifying the trend and in doing so helps you build your portfolio over time. You can get as detailed as you like or learn how to spot quick rides.

We believe this is an easy and informative read making a great introduction to this trading style.

Beginner Level

Swing Trading

Swing traders profit from short term market movements, typical this means gains in a stock (or a financial instrument) over a few days/weeks. Swing traders typically use technical analysis to look for opportunities, and potential fundamental analysis to analysis price trends and patterns. 

Whilst Trend Traders focus on a broader ecomonic news, swing traders focus on short-term price changes, taking a larger position and being more precise with their timing.

This book lays down a framework for trend identification and risk management that will help develop your swing trading techniques

Beginner Level

Trading for Dummies

A good introductory book that lightly covers a range of subjects such as Trend, Swing Trading, ETF and gives examples of trading mistakes.

This is good overview to for people wanting to trade stocks in any type of market, or are looking for alternative methods to improve the profitability of investments, to find a proven system for increasing confidence, managing risk and increasing return.

Beginner Level

Technical Analysis

One of things I love about these series is that the clue is in the name. It breaks down some fairly complex tools into digestable sections.

Technical Analysis looks at the market psychology and sentiment (view) by analysing price trends and chart patterns for possible trading opportunities.

Unlike fundamental analysis, technical analysis does not take into account the actual company behind the stock, their performance or company news.

Whilst we cover a number of the tools in this site this book provides a good introduction to a range of other tools used and compliments the topics we cover such as candlesticks, chart reading and pattern identification.

Advanced Learning

Great books to take it to the next level

Advanced Level

Trading Systems & Methods

For traders comfortable with the basics, more sophisticated subjects such as event, regression analysis, multitime frame analysis are covered.

Very useful for more technical traders.

Books for Everyone

No matter your level or experience, we recommend the following to help you develop your mindset.



He's been called the 'Steve Jobs of Investing' and as the founder of the biggest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, it is a fascinating read to get this insight into his life.

The first part of this book is like a memoir to his career and success before he breaks down the lessons he's learnt and the rules he lives by.

I liked this book and took away with me how I make decisions in both work and my personal life.

Great book for change 

The 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People

Not strictly related to trading but this book is a great way how to change your approach to be more effective in your life.

If you have not come across title before then I would highly recommend this book. It provides great insight about your mindset, your approach and how to grow as a individual at work and in your personal life.

This book helps you to build a roadmap of how you can apply what you have learned practically.

Do you have a book you recommend and would like us to feature? Please email us at hello@tradecandles.com

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