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Our datapacks are aimed to support experienced traders to leverage external data sources and deliver focused streams such as Technical, Price Action and News datasets.

These resources will enable traders the opportunity of explore past events helping you to further develop your own trading strategies

Our Datapacks

We are working hard at bringing you enhanced data sources to allow you to take control and 


Key information from each story such as headline, concepts, key dates, people, places and events have been extracted and made available as a CSV file. This enables traders to develop their own news based trading strategies.

Technical Analysis

Over 100 technical indicators have been calculated from daily and intraday price feeds. Traders interested in exploring technical analysis and building trading strategies using key indicators should consider purchasing this data set

World Events

News from around the world is analysed and information regarding people, dates, times, locations, themes are extracted and correlated with similar events. Dataset enables traders interested in modelling impact of world events on the market

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