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Welcome to Taurus

Our aim is to enhance swing traders' profit, accuracy and consistency by identifying high probabilistic trade setups that have been curated from a library of trading strategies applied to market price.

Retail traders benefit from high probability alerts that have been backtested to provide an overview of past performance which helps to inform the trading plan

Trade analytics across                    

Be able to analyse the current market conditions including trend, volume and volalitility.


By monitoring a wide universe of over 1,000 equities from the FTSE, NASDAQ and Dow Jones, our Taurus engine is able to help traders with trade ideas, application and execution of trading strategies.

The initial backtested list of alerts can be further refined based on the current market situation factoring in multi time frame analysis, trend, pivot points, technical indicators and price action in doing so refining the list of trade alerts based on user preference

The provision of backtesting data, entry, exit, pivot points, volume based statistics provides trading information to the retail trader and is believed to help identify, prioritise trades based on strategy, performance and then inform the execute a trade with a trading plan including entry, exit ( profit and loss ).

*No Recommendations or Advice Provided – Contact Your Own Investment, Tax or Legal Adviser

Optimised trade identification

Save time and energy by staying alert when opportunities arise in your preferred markets.

Explore your trading opportunities from multiple trading strategies. 


Manage your trade risk

Each of the strategies has been backtested against the equity and the current risk rewards ratios calculated enabling you to select the right trades for you.

What's involved?

Taurus uses the power of machine learning and methodically scans the markets looking for high probability trade set-ups.*







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Testers Wanted

Taurus is still in development and we're looking for traders to use our tool and provide their critical feedback.

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Taurus FAQ

What financial instruments are involved?
At present the focus is equities

Which exchanges are being currently analysed?
The price feeds for equities listed on the FTSE, Nasdaq, Dow Jones are currently being used.

When should I use Taurus?
Taurus can be used daily to identify potential trades. It is a tool that methodically scans the markets looking for high probability trade setups.

Can Taurus execute the trade?
No, Taurus can only be used to help with trade ideas and inform the user about past and probabilistic execution. No Recommendations or Advice Provided – Contact Your Own Investment, Tax or Legal Adviser

How many Trading Strategies have been identified?
At present there are 10 strategies in various states of development looking to identify long, short opportunities for both momentum and value trading strategies.
Once the platform has reached a general availability state, the focus will be to increase the types of trading strategies being employed, so that the platform becomes adaptive to market conditions.  

How much does Taurus cost?
Taurus employs a monthly subscription the price of which can be seen in the purchasing section.

Can I cancel Taurus at any moment in time?
There is no obligation, you can cancel at anytime.

How do I use Taurus?
With a smartphone or desktop, use your social profile to login into the app.

Is there a free access to Taurus?
If you are a beta tester you will be granted a free trial which will provide you will all of the features from within Taurus enabling you to provide feedback. This feedback is then used to enhance the tool's performance and future functionality.

What happens if I want to continue using Taurus after the free trial?
Once the free trial is over, should the tool have been useful to you, you have the option to continue on as a paid users

Does Taurus have access to my bank account?
Absolutely not. Taurus will never ask for access to your bank account, engine displays trading ideas and it is up to you to execute on this

How are you using my data?

How do I get involved?

How does TradeCandles make money?
The owners of tradecandles are looking to Taurus to help with their own trading and in doing so will profit from the personal trades that they make.
The better Taurus becomes, the more profitable, consistent 

If you want to get in touch or have a suggestions on what else you'd like to see (or spotted a mistake), please email us at