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Knowledge is power, embrace it. 

We build tools to help you learn, enhance and succeed in making better and more profitable trades with financial insights.


We are passionate about creating beautiful tools for traders to execute profitable trades, in the global equities and FX markets.

As a technology provider we want teach people about the benefits and risks, that come with trading and help them make more informed decisions* and unlock their financial potential. 

Our Products

We're working hard to bring tools for traders of different skill levels, from beginners to those looking to enhance their current workflow.


TradeCandles Edu

Bringing you curated content to help you learn how to trade and realise your Financial Potential.



Identify potential profitable swing trading opportunities that aim to complete within a 2 to 30 day period.


Data Packs

Technical, Price Action and News datasets to enable you to explore past events to help further develop your own trading strategies.


Market Simulator

Develop your price action trading skills, practice with friends & family to trading challenges improving your market knowledge and confidence.

*No Recommendations or Advice Provided – Contact Your Own Investment, Tax or Legal Adviser