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About Us

Helping you realise your financial potential!

At Tradecandles, we're passionate about helping people reach their financial potential.

In the UK, it is fair to say most schools focus more on the traditional academics like english, science and maths but are lacking when it comes to real financial education. It is therefore easy to understand why lot of people see trading/investing as a grey area perceived being for the wealthy or highly educated.

My team and I, have worked many years in large industries like banking, retail and technology but when we started our own families the idea of financial independence became a major driving factor in our lives.

Working away from home or worrying about the additional costs children bring in addition to the vicious cycle of working longer hours to bring in the extra income and see your families less seems bitterly ironic. But what if there was another way you could realise your financial potential? Trading and Investing are fundmental skills to making that happen. Savings alone can be a challenge to achieve your longer term goals but fear or knowing where to start are common blockers.

Having worked in tech and finance industry we wanted to leverage our experiences and skills to make this more accessible to everyone. We are a small business with big passion to help people achieve this extra income or in some cases replace it as your main income. It is amazing how accessible tools are but people are reluncant because of lack of awareness, knowledge, disposable income or risk adversity. So we're here to try and breakdown some of those barriers.

Trading isn't for everyone of course, that's ok, but perhaps you didn't know there are various types of trading styles and techniques to suit your risk attitite (and what does that mean?) and amount of time you have to actually trade.

For those people who are curious to learn what it takes or or want to take the next step in controlling your financial potential we have currated the world web and used our own experiences to bring you content to help you on your journey. Whether you're starting from stratch or topping up your knowledge in a specific area we have put together something for you.

We are constantly evolving to bring you better products and services so your feedback is important to us. We are always happy to hear from you, its the collaborative working with our users that will help us deliver the best services for you.

- Rich, Founder